How to Make PDF File 2021

How to Make PDF File: Hey Guys, In this article we will know about how to make pdf files on a mobile phone, tablet and pc in an easy way. so, let’s get started.

Make PDF File in Mobile

First of all, as we know pdf is how important for day-to-day uses like in online classes, sending some notes in pdf format and many more so if you don’t know what is pdf? and how to create? so, let me know them.

What is PDF?

PDF stands for the Portable Document Format, used to show documents in a digital shape of the software program, hardware, or working system they’re viewed on and it is developed by Adobe in 1993.

PDF files may additionally contain a variety of content except flat text and graphics consisting of logical structuring elements, interactive factors consisting of annotations and shape-fields, layers, media (including video content material), and 3-dimensional objects the usage of U3D or PRC, and numerous different facts formats.

The PDF specification additionally offers encryption and virtual signatures, report attachments, and metadata to allow workflows requiring these features.

Now your question about pdf is cleared so, now we talk about how to create a pdf file.

There are many methods to make a pdf file in mobile and here we know some methods in an easy way.

How to Make PDF File in Mobile Using Android App

1. Install Adobe Scan

First you need to install adobe scan application in your mobile.

2. Sign In to Your Adobe Account

After installing the app open it and give all permission that is needed then you have to sign in with your Adobe account or google account if don’t have an adobe account simply create that for free from Adobe official website.

3. Click on Camera or Gallery Icon

After sign in to adobe scan in the bottom right corner click on the camera or gallery icon option and also you can copy the text of the image in this app using camera simply scan your image and then you can see the select text option.

4. Choose your Image or Scan your Document

Now choose your image or scan your document to make it in PDF file.

5. Crop the Image

After that crop the image according to your fit of image.

6. Click on Save PDF

Now, you can ready to save the image or document as PDF file format only you have to do is click on save PDF and after that, it’s upload to the adobe cloud then click on more and click on copy to device.

So, I hope now you can create a pdf file in mobile phone easily. Now we talk about the online method to make pdf file.

How to Make PDF File Using Website

In this method, we create a pdf file using the online website or you can say online pdf converter.

1. Open a Browser

First of all open a browser on your mobile or in pc and I recommend you to open chrome.

2. Goto FreePDFConverter

After that, you need to visit on that website to convert any types of document to a PDF

3. Click on Choose File

4. Choose Merge Image to One PDF

5. Click on Create PDF

6. Save the PDF


Finally, I hope you learn to make pdf file on mobile or pc. So, if you like this article then share it to need one, and don’t forget to comment below see you in another article till then Enjoy!

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