How to Create an Email ID 2021

How to Create an Email ID: Hello, Guys Welcome to a new article of techinfospot in this article we will know about how to create an email id for free of cost in an easy way so, let’s start the article.

How to Create an Email ID for Free
How to Create an Email ID for Free

As you know in current times email id is most important for our day-to-day uses such as it need in Schools, Colleges, Scholarships, Even in our smartphones and many other works. so, there is a need for an email id and here you can learn easily that how to create an email id. so, first of all, we will know what is email? and what are the uses of email id?

What is Email?

Email stand for (Electronic Mail) it is the full form of email id it means with the help of internet medium we can easily send and receive any types of data, messages, documents, files, emails, and more with less time.

For sending emails you need an email id and in this article, we will use the Gmail platform in an upcoming article we use yahoo mail instead of Gmail so, connected with us for more information.

How to Create an Email ID Using Gmail?

To create an email id in Gmail that is very easy just have to follow some steps that are given below and your Gmail id is ready for sending and receiving mails.

Note:- Due to privacy reason in the given images some texts are hidden.

Step 1: Open a browser

Step 2: Goto Gmail Website

Step 3: Click on Create an Account

Step 4: Fill the form

After that you have to fill your name (first and last name), then your username like ( and enter your password then click on next button.

Step 5: Enter Phone Number

Now, enter your phone number and recovery email id means your any email id if already have if not then leave the option after that fill your date of birth and gender then click on next button.

Step 6: Click on Yes I’m in

Step 7: Accept terms and conditions

After doing all thing now, you have to do only is accept the terms and conditions means click on i agree button.

Congrats! Your Email ID is Created Successfully

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